Chapter titles - Book 2 - The War of the Angels

Part I - The Golden Orb

2.I.1 Atop Commander’s Tor. 1

2.I.2 Lüdowik. Jamie dreams of the fall of Wrenstatten. 518

2.I.3 On the road to Konassas. 998

2.I.4 The Orb of the Lion. 1303

2.I.5 The Council of Kingdoms begins. 1672

2.I.6 Gladiators arrive. Barsetba's secret. 2168

2.I.7 The Iron Regiment. Plans. Renaud. 2336

2.I.8 Setting out from Konassas. 2675

2.I.9 Renaud's story. 3164

2.I.10 The Vosh. 3561

2.I.11 With the Vosh, and parting. 3943

2.I.12 Ajax. Ghröum. Charlie. 4233

2.I.13 Jamie and Charlie: memories. 4778

2.I.14 The parting of the brothers. The Orb of the Unicorn. 5009

2.I5I Hippolito, Loran, and Gude. 5087

2.I5B Watching Wrenstatten burn. The Apocalypse. 5340

2.I5S How the news came to Cliff Haven. 5693

2.I5G From under the palace. 5999

Part II - Prince of Mondele Royale

2.II.15 Jamie and Charlie at home. How Jamie met Nic. 6321

2.II.16 Ghröum. 6856

2.II.17 Solstice Fête. 7241

2.II.18 Prelude: Croal, Charles, Ghröum. 7715

2.II.19 Catastrophe. 8286

2.II.20 Mondele Royale. Cristophe. 8795

2.II.21 Terrible Trio. 9231

2.II.22 Special places. 9723

2.II.23 Hell: Sprague. 10323

2.II.24 Runes; Giovanni. 10770

2.II.25 Charlie; The great secret; Castor. 11168

2.II.26 Enrick intervenes. 11569

2.II.27 Becoming Prince of Mondele Royale 12009

2.II.28 Palace ball. Castle Rood: Niklas. Castor on Croal. 12256

2.II.29 Gahdar at Mondele: Redalta. 13041

2.II.30 Council of Resistance. 13535

2.II.31 Précis of history. 14095

2.II.32 Death of Cristophe. 14743

2.I6I Hippolito's story. 15604

2.I6B Charles schemes. 15794

2.I6S Renaud's pledge. 15834

2.I6G From under the palace, again. 15931

Part 3 - Baron of Rood

2.III.33 Jamie and Nic. 15950

2.III.34 Nic's education. 16436

2.III.35 Getting to know you. 16702

2.III.36 Prison of Pain. 17444

2.III.37 “Taer tá mé, aer tá tú.” 17990

2.III.38 Preparations. 18341

2.III.39 Birthday. 18766

2.III.40 Farewell, Charlie. 19606

2.III.41 Hippolito shows his hand. 20296

2.III.42 The Gates of Hell. 20851

2.III.43 The Night of Flight. 21147

2.III.44 Rood's last bout. 21786

2.I7I Fare thee well. 22247

2.I7B Larrus. 22480

2.I7S Comet. 22536

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