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Charles Roegier Icarian

Lord Charles of Icaria. Archangel and first Counsel to the Legion of Red and Black, Keeper of the Keys of Hadrian, Historian to the Wizardry, Scholar of the Imperial Institute of Governance an High Counsel to the Wizardry.

First Icarian created. 1.II.17. 4032. Elder brother of Jonathan.

“The first Icarian was created when he [Croal] was seventeen and a half commonwealth,” Castor replied. 2.II.28. 13022.

Charles on his tasks 1.IV.45. 13368.

Charles had been in a stasis chamber adjacent to the cavern of the Icarian Army. 1,IV.48.

Charles's age is nowhere disclosed, but Darion Trapp, his second in command or tat ühn•ki, teased the 24-year old assistant in Charles's outer office that he, Darion, had been going into that office since before the assistant had been born. Assuming that Darion had begun entering the office at about age 24, that makes Darion at least age 48. Since Darion further reflects that Charles had been using the office since before Darion had been conceived, that would make Charles at least in his seventies. 2.II.18.

Charles seems to have lost a mate. 2.III.36. 17444, 17978. 17985.